Persuasion And the Moist Robot Hypothesis

For those following Scott's fascinating series on persuasion, the unexpected and seemingly unpredictable Trump presidency, and hypnosis, he provided a readling list to help you gain important background and skills. Check out his blog detailing the Scott Adams canonical Persuasion Reading List.

Dilbert Comic Collections

Most of us started becoming Scott's fan through his daily comics. Here are the books he has published over the years.

Comic Treasuries

If you've collected all the above books, you won't need this, but if you're looking a more svelte collection that contains the highlights, the treasuries might be better suited to your library.

Other Books

Scott has written quite a few books covering management, office life, technology, and philosophy. You're sure to be entertained and enlightened with one of these.

Other Merchandise

Who doesn't love fan merchandise? Check out these video, toys, party supplies, and games.