Episode 623 Scott Adams: Biden Campaign Admits its Central Theme is a Lie

8/9/2019 10:40:02 AM



  • Is Joe Biden aware that he’s misquoting President Trump?
    • Charlottesville transcript CLEARLY shows Joe is wrong
    • Joel Pollack asks Joe if he’s aware of his mistake
  • “Fine People” HOAX, is the alpha HOAX pushed by Dems and MSM
    • How did the MSM cover Joel’s question and the topic?
      • USA Today said…
      • Today Show said…
      • Des Moines Register said…
      • Yahoo News said…
      • Politico said…
      • Biden campaign Communications Director…
        • Well…he just changed the topic
  • Free campaign advise for Kamala Harris
    • 1. Drop the nervous giggle
    • 2. Learn to smile confidently
  • Question for Andrew Yang
    • You support UBI, what’s your position on open borders?

Scott's original blog with audio is here.