Episode 663 Scott Adams: The Simultaneous Sip Waits For No One. Unless you see it on Replay

9/15/2019 11:10:03 AM


  • What would happen…if the ticket is Biden/Kamala?
  • Fat-Shaming, Bill Maher and James Corden
  • President Trump says…”I’m good with that!”
  • New home building systems and technology are the future
    • “Hempcrete” for example
  • My recent insight about  why “Fine People” HOAX is so sticky
  • S.E. Cupp anti-Trumper notes the incompetence of the Dems
  • Kyle Bass says Chinese internet nodes in US allows them to spy
  • Andrew Yang soft rebuke of SNL’s Gillis use of ethnic slur
  • Why did Houthi rebels attack Saudi oil facility, not a better target?
  • Matt Gaetz suggests Erik Prince for National Security Advisor
  • Vaccines given all at once, nobody has tested that risk
    • If they’re given together…you should test consequences